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Moving is very stressful and much more time consuming than most people realize until moving day. Suddenly the movers show up and the packing isn't completed, the family is franctically throwing items into boxes and the dog is running away. Move Managers help people move on a daily basis which provides countless hours of experience when transitioning. 

What you spend in money is easily recouped in time, emotional, and physical wellness. Often we can recommend places to sell items that you might have thought of as trash. These hidden gems can help off-set and sometimes completely cover the costs incurred while moving.

When moving long distances, every item adds to the overall cost of the move. We can help you pare down your belongings to the most important items to help significantly reduce those moving costs.
Move managers also have relationships built on trust and reliability with moving related services such as cleaners, movers, antique dealers, etc. that can greatly reduce your time spent searching for respected help. We work with anyone seeking help with a home transition. We function similar to a personal assistant. We can manage the entire moving process from meeting timelines to unpacking or any part of the process in between that you might not be able or want to do on your own.

Some Move Managers also are licensed moving companies. Perfect Order is not. We work directly with a moving company of your choice to coordinate and direct the moving process but do not actually load/unload or transport any of your items.

We can pre-pack, ship, store, sell, donate and manage the entire moving process, so you feel safe, comfortable and confident. We start by helping you de-clutter years of treasures and paperwork no longer necessary or important to the household.  

The next step in the sequence is to put a moving timeline and checklist together to break the moving process down over time for a stress-free move. Then, we can help you manage the items on the checklist throughout the entire moving process until you are completely settled into your new home.

Some common tasks that you may like assistance with are:

· Timeline and moving checklist to keep everything on track
· Space planning to help you know what items will fit comfortably in your new home
· Meeting with and directing moving companies for packing and move days
· Arranging for sale or donation pick-up on remaining household belongings
· Arranging for cleaning, repairs and preparing for a house sale
· Unpacking and removal of packing supplies
· Setting up and organizing your new home
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