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Clarity begins with organizing. Whether it’s sorting through paperwork or family treasures, or deciding what to move with you, we can help you make decisions on what to let go of and what to keep.
We work in 3 hour sessions with you side by side to offer support, education and an extra pair of hands. Our goal is to help you clarify your needs, set reasonable expectations to achieve your goals, and tackle the challenges together in a systematic approach. You are always in control and will never be asked to get rid of something until you are ready to make that change. 

Just like other challenging situations such as losing weight or starting a business, we are an accountability partner to get you started on your project and keep you on track. A neutral set of eyes and ears helps you create new solutions to leave you with a functional, manageable space .

Common areas where we can help you:

· Sorting treasures to keep, give to family, sell or donate

· Dropping off donated items, shredding, recycling and hazardous waste items after a session

 · Paring down necessary paper and records

· Re-configuring spaces for your family’s new needs

· Creating a paper management system for your incoming paper

· Creating a time management system for your job or family’s activities

· Gathering paper for tax preparation

· Scanning paper and loose photos

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