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Paper Management

Managing the paper in your life can be very daunting. Between work, your mail, and your kid's schoolwork it's no wonder that kitchen tables and flat surfaces are overflowing with paper!

Each individual paper requires a decision to be made by someone in your family and then action taken on that decision. We realize that often those decisions can be overwhelming and trying to figure out how to hold onto and retrieve the paper can be difficult without creating huge piles.
The key is to develop a system for managing paper that fits your families lifestyle and needs and developing decision making skills that allow you to let go of the rest.  Working side by side we help you sort through piles and boxes of  paper with guidance on what you might keep and what you can recycle or shred. (We can even take away your bulk shredding!) We create a way to manage your current paper so that it is off the kitchen table yet easy to retrieve and take action upon when needed.
We also provide assistance locating vital documents that you need so that you are prepared when an emergency or unexpected death arises. We help locate and sort paper, as well as eliminate unnecessary documents such as old statements and past insurance policies. We then organize your crucial documents in one place.
Our scanning service allows you to store needed documents long term and reduce those kitchen paper piles and boxes in the garage. We also can work with you to get memento and photo projects completed. We'll help sort layers of loose photos into categories, and then scan them to create a digital file set. Then you can turn all those memories into a finished product such as a photo book. What a great gift idea for family members to enjoy!
Whatever the paper project is that is weighing you down, we can help you get back in control.
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