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Senior Move Management
A Senior Move Manager is a professional who provides emotional, organizational, and hands-on support to older adults and their families during the move process. He/she understands the difficult experience of moving from a long-time residence and tries to  make that move as stress-free as possible.
Whether moving to a smaller space, a retirement community, or an assisted living facility, we become surrogate family members to fill in where the family isn’t able.We help you identify cherished items to move along to family members to make that next move easier. Downsizing is a smart, practical first step that is vital to reduce emotional decisions in times of loss, chaos or emergencies.

Perfect Order is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers ( This association provides support, education and valuable resources to moving professionals, the senior community and those interested in assistance with transitioning an older adult. This association is valuable in locating other Senior Move Managers to assist with unpacking when transitioning out of town and family members are not available. As members of NASMM, we have local and national resources and multi-faceted approaches that save money, loss of family time and reduce stress on all parties involved.
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