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As a Feng Shui Consultant, I know the importance of keeping my environment organized and free of clutter. However, I am just as challenged as anyone else - particularly when it comes to managing paper. Keeping my office organized and free of 'piles' has always been a challenge for me. I had never been able to find a system that worked for me. They all seemed too cumbersome and too much like hard work. That has all changed since I found Perfect Order. I now have a system in my office that is designed around the way I work and it's so EASY. I love it. I no longer accumulate piles of paper in my office. Everything has a place - and I can find everything whenever I need to. I was so impressed with how Perfect Order helped me in my office that I attended their Paper Management Workshop to help organize my household papers. I can honestly say I have never felt so organized in my life. It's great. Being organized and feeling in control of your papers not only brings great clarity - it's life changing. If you feel challenged with clutter or with staying organized in any area - whether it's your office or your garage, I highly recommend that you call Perfect Order right away. You'll be glad you did.

- Linda Binns, Harmony Inside & Out, LLC

I loved the fact we ate Christmas breakfast at our kitchen table and Christmas dinner at the dining room table ,plus the family room was pleasant to sit in.  My mom even said something about how much better our home looked.  It's coming along and I continue to be motivated to keep pushing on.  I've gone about 6 weeks now without buying a new magazine for myself…Every time I even LOOK at magazine, I hear either your voice or my husband's saying "No".  I've been going through old magazines, and I'm ripping out fewer and fewer pages.  I ask myself if I really need that photo, recipe, etc.  So, I'm gaining on the problem.

- Gretchen, Home organizing client, Boise, Idaho

We should have taken “before and after’s”… We set up another session... Lori does amazing work.

- Cheryl, Home organizing client, Boise, Idaho

You were so helpful and it made a huge difference. Almost every day, I’m able to clean off my desk before I leave. And you’re right, and that starts my day off right.

- Janelle Bufford, Educator, Nampa, Idaho

I was so pleased with the workshop that was offered through Perfect Order! I am a huge paper piler and I am afraid it has a tendency to quickly take over my countertops. Learning this system has helped me get rid of the piles, find the things I need quickly, and has made my life so much easier. Now that every piece of paper has a logical and easy to find home putting things away is quick and painless.  Thanks so much for the workshop! You have saved me a ton of time and effort!

- Robin Neal, Are We There Yet Travel, LLC, Boise, Idaho

Lori's presentation on downsizing was perfect for our group (of empty nesters). We all gained a lot of insight into the emotions and processes of simplifying our lives and of providing a valuable service to our loved ones.

- Mary Jo- Boise resident

It was so nice to walk into my office this morning and feel some serenity. Thank you so much for your gift of "organization".

- Dana, teacher, Meridian Idaho

We have used the services of Perfect Order for many years with great satisfaction.They helped me organize my office: taught me how to set files up, when it is time to throw things out, just to name a few things. They also worked with me on my time management.

Two years ago we moved to a new house after living in one for 31 years. Perfect Order packed up all of the kitchen items and most everything from every room. It was a huge job. In the new home they organized the entire kitchen. It was Christmas time so we really needed things put away. Over time we have rearranged someof the kitchen and pantry but it was so extremely helpful to have everything put away at that critical time.

Perfect Order helped me figure out and decide on storage for my home office. After we moved in they helped set up all the files and storage.I would recommend Perfect Order for any of the above services.

-Yvonne Lierz, Moving and Organizing client, Boise, Idaho

I'm visiting from Minnesota so won't be back soon. This presentation was such a find...a topic (downsizing) that I think is so important to so many. Thank you for the free session and the tea too. If I lived in the area I'd definitely visit your business!

-Anonymous workshop attendee- Minnesota

Lori Davies with Perfect Order has transformed our home into a beautiful place! Before I called Lori our home was drab and in desperate need of a total makeover! Lori was absolutely wonderful to work with. She listened to my needs and had such wonderful vision for what I wanted and made it happen! She has such an eye for color and design!

She transformed our dull and boring house into a beautiful, warm, and wonderful home without breaking the bank! She was great on saving us money and went the extra mile to do so. Lori is someone anybody would feel comfortable working with. She listens to your ideas and gives you suggestions and ideas to complete your dream home.

I was so impressed with Lori's services I had her decorate my grandmother's new living space at an Assisted living. She created a warm and wonderful home for my Grandmother with her existing pictures and furniture. It turned out so beautiful! I would call Lori again in a minute should the need arise for decorating, organizing or any need you might have in your home. She was top notch and very professional!

-Mary, Home Organizing Client, Boise, Idaho

I LOVE all my, not just paper, but chaos catchers. Yesterday and today, my husband told me to go get my idea pad because he had some things to put into the catcher. So I wrote them down and put them in the basket. He keeps saying that he is so glad everything is going where it needs to go. The kids even did a round- up of all the loose papers in the it is somewhat overflowing right now. What a relief that I can excuse myself from always thinking I have to do that chore and now know that I do not have to touch it until Sunday!!!

-Kristin, Business Owner, Boise, Idaho


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